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Empower your Business Innovation Center with our specialized CRM. Streamline operations, discover new startups, and scale your impact like never before.

Invest Smarter Together

Optimize your BA network's investment journey. Kiota streamlines dealflow, evaluation, and collaboration for impactful startup ventures.


Automate tedious tasks, focus on strategy


Deep-dive analytics for informed decisions


Enhanced networking among startups and investors.


Adaptable solutions as your center grows

Revolutionary Tools for Maximum Impact

Receive Dealflow

Seamlessly import startup profiles, match them with potential investors, and track your deal flow in real time.

Evaluate startups

Utilize our intuitive scoring system to assess startup potential. Get in-depth insights to make informed decisions.

Generate reports

Compile comprehensive reports with the touch of a button. Assess performance metrics, growth trends, and financial projections.

Monitoring Program

Track the progress of each startup in your programs. Monitor key performance indicators and milestones.

View Information

Interactive dashboards for real-time data tracking and management.

Connection with Mentors

Coming soon.
Facilitate mentorship by connecting startups with industry experts. Schedule meetings, share documents, and more.

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At Kiota we are changing the way we manage your investments. We really think differently.