Welcome to a bias-free, inclusive world

Wouldn't you love to be in a world that fosters diversity? Us too, and we believe that major improvements are possible, so we are working on identifying, reducing and reporting biases throughout the whole decision making process…

And cheers to improving technology impact!

Setting a solid foundation is our key to walking the right path towards improving the use of technology in investment decision making. Mapping and understanding all possible biases that could affect our judgement is only the beginning, but something we take very seriously.
Systemic bias
Human bias
Automation complacency
Mode confusion
Statistical bias
Data generation
Concept drift

We combine the best of  quantitative and qualitative approaches

We work hard to provide the most complete, rigorous and reliable information about entrepreneurial profiles. We also provide greater precision and generalization of the results,from the transformation of the scores to the comparison with normative groups and offer detailed reports of skills and weaknesses.
We are aware of the impact of our measurements, therefore we based our evaluation processes in cross-cultural research, which generates conclusions that prevent derived biases from its place of origin. Moreover, our team bases its research on the parameters suggested by the International Test Commission.

All while putting diversity and generalizability in first place

And bring an unprecedented level of depth in the analysis of entrepreneurial teams

Our psychometric team is dedicated to the process of standardization of all our tests and is responsible for making strategic and rigorous decisions, based on the exhaustive review of scientific research and the implementation of updated methodologies.The main psychometric product we are developing, Kiota Entrepreneurial Traits Assessment (Keta) stands out as the only multi-construct, adaptive test, in which reliable results are generated in a shorter application time.

With the goal finding alpha by exploring the future of investment

Our data science team’s goal is to grant access to the best datasets, pre-trained models, knowledge bases and automated, no-code ML pipelines to any investor so that a more rigorous, data-driven and evidence supported approach can complement in-depth analysis of early-stage Startups.

And identify deserving, untapped talent who could change the world

Our proprietary multidimensional outlier detection system allows us to identify important hidden signals among piles of noisy data, pinpoint relevant variables to focus on and unfold a new set of actionable insights

And our top-notch tech is the core for our product development

Our tech infrastructure is also optimized to improve efficiency, allowing you to set up multiple evaluation and management workflows, as well as direct communication between entrepreneurs and investors, which also reduces bias.

All this, while putting information security at the center of our efforts. We strive to keep your data always confidential and available thanks to our serverless, distributed architecture on the cloud and our data lake, and we also have a blockchain solution to reinforce data integrity

All in all, we give you superpowers 💪 so that you can use them in the right way.

We integrate relevant information through NLP summarization and NLG techniques, as well as partnering with top data providers, and have also developed our unique, smart questionnaires engine specifically tailored to entrepreneurs. This takes you to a new era of augmented information in which the most relevant information for decision making is available to you at the right time, all in one place.