Unify Your Network, Enhance Investments

Empower your Business Angel network with Kiota. Harness collective intelligence and streamline decision-making.

Invest Smarter Together

Optimize your BA network's investment journey. Kiota streamlines dealflow, evaluation, and collaboration for impactful startup ventures.


Streamline collective decision-making


Dive deep with intuitive analytics


Manage and evaluate startups seamlessly


Share crucial dealflow effortlessly.

Tools to Amplify Collective Potential

Receive Dealflow

Simplify and streamline your network's intake of potential investment opportunities. Consolidate and centralize startup pitches, ensuring your network never misses out on the next big idea.

Evaluate startups

Harness the collective intelligence of your network. Create unified evaluation metrics, ensuring a standardized, rigorous assessment process for every startup that comes your way.

Monitor Investments

Track and assess active investments with unparalleled ease. Stay updated on startup progress, financial health, and pivotal milestones, ensuring your network is always informed.

Visualize Information

Transform raw data into insightful visual narratives. With Kiota's intuitive dashboards, understand trends, track startup performance, and make data-driven decisions.

Share Dealflow

Facilitate seamless communication within your network. Share potential investment opportunities, insights, and data, ensuring everyone is on the same page, every step of the way.

Generate reports

Effortlessly create detailed, comprehensive reports. Dive deep into analytics, understand the nuances of each investment, and provide actionable insights to members of your network.

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